The Soul XL band is an ever-changing cycle of great musicians.  Daryl and his partner Andre Banini carefully hand-pick all the musicians they work with. Their repertoire is versatile, and delivery is always colourful.  

Here are a few of our favourite musicians.


Andre Banini

Andre Banini is Soul XL's right hand man.  He has worked alongside Daryl for the past 22 years, and is his best friend and most trusted partner.  An Italian/Canadian, Andre studied music at the Humber College in Toronto, Canada before coming to Norway in 1977.  He has studied with many known percussionists in both Canada and Norway. Working on projects with different musicians, artists and bands is important to Andre, and he has recorded with people like:

  • Paul Weeden (jazz-blues git./ vocal USA)
  • Doris Spears (jazz vocal USA) 1998
  • Vegard Iversen (norweigan pop vocal/writer/git.) 2010
  • Kosmoratik (pop/rock band project) 2014
  • Soon Sessions (w. Gisle Gundersen and Kai Dybendahl) 2015
  • FolkPort (Norwegian and UK inspired roots & folk-rock) 2015


Andre Banini is very active as a studio and live musician.  His drumming style is steady and tight, and he has a great ear for rhythmic variations.  Basically, Andre knows all the moves.  He is currently working on new material with Daryl McDade.


"Friendship aside, Andre Banini is by far the best drummer I've ever played with."
- Daryl McDade


Jim Shearer
British guitarist - currently playing in his own band "The Poor Boys".


Tiago Mendez
Brazilian bassist - currently working with artist "Samsaya"


Helge Ellingsen
Norwegian bassist - music conservatory teacher, studio and concert bassist


Roger Jacobsen
Norwegian bassist


Dan Tømte
Norwegian keyboard player - W. C.H. Handy award winner


Adrian Du Monceau
Swedish bassist

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