Daryl McDade was born in Memphis Tennessee, where he grew up in a big family. Daryl was is the son of a welder/preacher. Daryl grew up not too far from where some of the most popular blues manifested.  Daryl spent a lot of time at the infamous blues hang out,"Beale Street”. Where the  gospel, Blues, Soul and Roots music  became the platform for Daryl´s  desire to learn to play the authentic rhythm and blues music. In the 70s Daryl´s father moved to Chicago for more work opportunities. This brought Daryl forth to a new era of music called “FUNK.” This was the completion of Daryl,s musical style. Daryl went on to college and earned himself a degree as a commercial artist. He later found himself working for the Chicago Tribune as an illustrator while still growing in the heavy influences of Chicago´s soul, blues, funk and jazz scene. 
In the up coming years, Daryl had the privilege to play with some of the worlds greatest blues and soul and jazz artists of legendary status from all over America, and Europe. Names such as  Muddy Waters, Tina Turner, Albert Collins, Robert Cray, Carry Bell, Eddie C Cambell, Earl King, Louisiana Red, Soko Richardson, Luther Allison, Tony Newton, Ike Turner, and his great friend and big brother, the great Paul Weeden Sr. These are just a few of the great artists that  McDade has had a musical relationships with. 
As a 27 year old artist, Daryl married and moved to Norway.  In a coutntry  that was curious about the Blues, Daryl McDade soon found himself a place in the popular Scandinavian blues band called the "Chicago Blues Meeting”. Daryl started working with some of Norway´s brilliant musicians and artist´s such names as: Sigurd Køhn, Bruce Rasmussen, Per Kolstad, Jan Teigen, Vidar Busk, Tommy Kristensen, Reidar Larsen, Hungry John, Mads Erikson, Knut Reiersrud, Nora Noor, Jørn Hoel, Tor Endresen, Mette Hartman. While living in Kristiansand Norway, Daryl established an ongoing musical relationship with many of the talented Kristiansand Music Conservatory local musicians. Names such as drummer Kurt Lisø, Freddy Salander, Erik Anti, Tor Braathens, Vidar Bø and Tor Einar Jacobsen. 
Daryl is a singer, songwriter, composer, artist, master guitarist and plays a unique harmonica. His voice has been said to move you, and his 12 string guitar-picking and rhythm style never ceases to amaze even the most experienced musicians.
Daryl McDade  has now formed The SOULXL band where he combines the best of soul, blues, and funky jazz. He uses an authentic blend of Memphis and Chicago style rhythms to mesmerize his audience and take them back to when music had real substance. Daryl performs classics while staying true to the quality of the artists own written compositions. When audiences come to experience Daryl McDade SOUlXL band they are blown away at the quality of their sound and performance. As a band leader Daryl sets high standards for his musicians. Please feel free to go to our webpage" DARYL MCDADE SOULXL"  for further information on the band. 

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